Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We do very well to listen to women.

This blog began out of the expressed concerns of women, specific concerns that could be directly addressed, but only insofar as we acknowledge them in the first place.

The unequal relations between men and women has inspired a tendency where men forget it is happening, and women are hesitant to remind them. In consequence, what women have to share can too frequently go unsaid. Frank honesty between partners must be among the first casualties of patriarchy.

As is often the case, what women tolerate reaches a limit; but what they reveal to us, momentarily as equals, can only be sustained by remembering as men. Does that make sense? Some weeks ago women made it very clear what they asked of us: talk about your experiences, talk about this organization, talk about your fight to be equals with women.

It's not easy, and that is a large part of the point. If it's not easy, you are doing something right! But just as we do very well to listen to women, we do equally well to remember what we always want to be communicating in return.

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